Hello, I am Jeffrey Kool.

I have a passion for design, web and tech ...

Find out more about me:

Team lead and Project manager

I work at an online marketing agency as a team lead (Web) and project manager (Web, UX). 

Web design en Web development

My team and I work on the the creation, redesign and migration of websites and eCommerce sites, plugins, themes and web apps. We use technologies such as WordPress, React and Symfony.

Whenever I have time I like to work on my own projects

My company Encore Media specialised in digital media creation.
My blog Rebeldrift produces content for drifting and motor sports.

Randstad, The Netherlands

I graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design at the (HvA) Amsterdam university of applied sciences. I currently live in the Randstad, The Netherlands.

Contact me

Please feel free to send me an email or message on LinkedIN if you want to share or discuss something

Jeffrey Kool

This article was updated on February 12, 2023